If you are getting Loading Error as below - 

There can be following Reasons.

  • On Desktop/Laptop -
    Reason 1: If browser being used is other than CHROME (Videos are supported only on Chrome browser on Desktop/Laptop.) 
    Solution: Try playing the videos on chrome browser. Hope it works.
    If videos are not being played on Chrome browser as well it may be due to Reason 2.

    Reason 2:  Google chrome has disabled Flash by default in new Chrome release Version 53 
    The following steps needs to be followed for re-enabling the flash (Refer screenshot)

    1. Open Google chrome browser and open new tab .
    2. Enter chrome://plugins in address bar and hit enter
    3. Enable Adobe Flash Player (Check Box).
    4. Restart chrome.
    5. Now Try Playing Videos. It must work fine.

                     Reason 3: Pop-Up and Pluggins may not be allowed to run
    1. Open Google chrome browser and open new tab .
    2. Enter chrome://setting/content in address bar and hit enter
    3. Select Run all pluggin content.
    4. Select Allow all sites to show pop-ups.
    5. Press Done. 
    6. Restart chrome.
    7. Play videos- It must work fine now.

    • On Mobile/Tablet - You may be trying to play video on mobile browsers.We do not support video playback using browser on Mobile/Tablet                                       devices.To access Videos on Mobile/Tablet you have to use apttrix Online Learning App (Android, iOS) available on                                         Google Play,App Store.