Dear Students,

 Kindly follow the following steps to see DEMO Videos on our website. If you are trying to see the videos on your mobile phone you will be able to see it only through Apttrix learning app available in Google Play (Click here to download Android App) and App Store (Click here to download iOS App).

Steps to Access Demo Video Lessons on Apttrix Website from Desktop/Laptop.

  1. Log on to with Google chrome browser only.

  1. Click on the login tab to login using your credentials.

  2. If you are a new user then sign up first then login to the website.

  1. Once you are logged in a new page will open; then click on the offered courses tab.

  1. A new page will open with different available courses; now click on any of the course of your choice.

  1. That particular course will open in a new page; now click on Enroll For Free tab.

  1. A new page will open; now click on course of your choice.

  1. A new page will open; now click on syllabus tab.

  1. A new page will open; click on any video lesson with FREE label .

  1. In new page the selected video lesson will open ; now click on the play button top see the videos.

It takes 10-15 seconds for video to load. In case there is any issue in video playback please try steps below:

  • Open Chrome Browser
  • Open Incognito window by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N key.
  • Then follow Steps 1 to 10 provided above.

You may also download CHROME CLEAN UP TOOL to permanently fix issues with Chrome Browser.

If the issue is still unresolved after following steps above. Please raise a ticket using link:

Our technical support team will reach you on phone/Email and help in resolving this issue.

Happy eLearning,

Apttrix Support